TRU Taekwondo Center

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TRU Fun. TRU Structure. TRU Quality.

TRU Taekwondo Center is introducing its proven curriculum to Winston-Salem and Clemmons North Carolina. We offer a specialized hybrid of Taekwondo instruction that stays true to the traditions of Martial Arts while being fun and entertaining. Our instruction style has been designed to benefit all students, male and female, age 4 to adult, with greater focus, confidence and self-control while enhancing physical fitness and teaching practical self-defense.

TRU Taekwondo Center offers a safe, family friendly environment with exceptional instruction. We are a school that encourages personal growth and character development, that will not only improve a student’s physical fitness, balance and motor skills, but confidence, self-control and decision making .

We hold the highest standards possible, to inspire students to reach beyond their current potential, to build character and to promote the values of courtesy, integrity, perseverance and self-control.

Our instructors can help any age and/or personality giving parents a holistic approach free of medication to help with such issues as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), or Auditory Processing Disorder. Our instructors also have experience in delivering this quality instruction to students with a variety of disabilities including Autism.

TRU Taekwondo Center is the ONLY Martial Arts school in the Triad that offers a 100% Guarantee!
Students as young as 4 years old can benefit from our Taekwondo program. Our TRU Super Kid classes are designed and taught so that children can learn at their own pace.

Classes help develop the child’s present capabilities and bring out their hidden potential. The Masters are committed to helping each and every student improve. The goal of the TRU Super Kid program is to provide benefits that extend beyond the walls of the Taekwondo school.

Many parents, doctors, teachers and psychologists find that Taekwondo improves children’s academic progress – attention span, listening skills, cooperative learning, following directions and leadership skills are all areas of training that directly carry over from their Taekwondo training to the academic classroom.
TRU Taekwondo Center offers adults a comprehensive fitness program. Classes are specifically designed to increase cardiovascular capacity, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. They can provide an opportunity for weight loss and stress relief. In addition, training in Taekwondo produces benefits beyond those of a traditional exercise program.

Taekwondo training is exercise with a purpose. While you improve your physical fitness, you will also be developing important self-defense skills. You will learn to confront and combat your fears. The confidence you gain from learning self-defense, improving your fitness and feeling better about yourself will help you cope with daily situations at home and work.