Black Belt Test!

Congrats to all those who tested for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree black belts, we are very proud of you!

TRU Profile 45 - Rachel Johnson

TRU Profile 45 // Rachel Johnson. Rachel is a 10 year old at Union Cross. She enjoys 4th grade, especially reading. Rachel started taekwondo after they came to her school when she was in 2nd grade and she now is a red stripe who loves self defense. She loves taekwondo because “all the instructors are great” but she especially loves Master Terranova because “he is funny”.

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St Patty's Day Bring a Friend

A few pictures from our St. Patty’s Bring a Friend Day! We had so much fun with the costumes, green juice, cookies, and breaking boards!

TRU Profile 41

TRU Profile 41 // David. David is a 7 year old blue stripe who is in the first grade at Forsyth Country Day School. While at school, he loves  learning math, “but only if it’s easy”. David’s favorite part about Taekwondo is graduating. He says this is the best part “because I get to get my new belt”. He loves Taekwondo and especially Master Terranova because in his opinion “Master Terranova is just great with kids”.