TRU Profile 43

TRU Profile 43 // Chris Whitaker. Chris is 24 years old and a red belt at TRU. As a teacher assistant at the elementary school level, he often saw Master Terranova and Master Cadiente coming into schools and serving the students and staff. It’s because of this that he began to give TRU a try! He loves working with the super kids at TRU. As an adult training in taekwondo, he has noticed how it’s “helped me push myself, have goals, as well as self discipline”. Other than that, the best thing about taekwondo in Chris’s opinion is “meeting the most wonderful woman in the world, Ms. Katie”.

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TRU Profile 38

TRU Profile 38 // Emily Walser. Emily started taekwondo about 5 years ago with her son. She is a second degree black belt. As an adult who trains, she has noticed how it has helped with her concentration, and become a more confident and calmer person in general. Her favorite part of training is poomse, specifically koryo. And her favorite part of helping with class is watching the students grow, “you are able to see them get better and evolve. And the hugs are the best!” Master Arguello has made a big impact on Emily’s taekwondo journey, and helping her continue when it seemed too hard. Taekwondo has helped Emily “believe in myself, believe in others, and encourage others along the way.”

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TRU Profile 31

TRU Profile 31// Ricardo. Ricardo is a third degree black belt & attends Jefferson Middle School. He started taekwondo as a way to have fun and loves kicking paddles, especially the tornado kick. He loves Master Terranova because “he is the funnest”. When Ricardo is not training in taekwondo, you can find him playing baseball!

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