TRU Profile 58 - Joe Gibson

TRU Profile 58 // Joe Gibson. Joe is a blue belt at our Country Club Location. He is a beard sporting, motorcycle loving, outdoorsman that loves training with his TRU family. He recently began taekwondo because he started taekwondo as a kid and never finished it. Now as an adult, “I’m here to finish what I started. You never should start something without finishing it.” He loves poomses and learning from Master Cadiente. Joe has noticed how taekwondo has helped him focus on tasks and jobs in every day life, at work and with projects.

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TRU Profile 54 - Melinda Leary

TRU Profile 54 // Melinda Leary. Melinda started TRU after her son was involved with it two years ago. Now, her whole family trains together and loves it. Melinda loves poomses in taekwondo and the fitness aspect that it adds to her daily life and routine. She has noticed her kids confidence and discipline improve as they have taken taekwondo. Melinda enjoys helping teach at TRU, especially the super kids because “they are so eager to learn”. Melinda has created friendships in the TRU community and knows that Mrs. Gina and Mrs. Val have been pivotal in helping her learn technique on the mat.

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TRU Profile 53 - James Barnes

TRU Profile 53 // James Barnes. James began taekwondo in 2018 during the dads train free event. He has been training with his daughter Elizabeth since then. James and Elizabeth have gotten closer and it’s a way they enjoy spending time together. James enjoys the physical activity and lifestyle change taekwondo has brought into his life. He has lost over 140 pounds while training and learned how to better control his temper and “walk away from things easier now”. James plans to continue to train to at least a first degree black belt. He loves the support at TRU...”thanks to everyone here”.

TRU Profile 46 - Joe and Macy

TRU Profile 46 // Joe and Macy. Joe and Macy train as a father daughter duo and have loved being able to do something fun together. As a disabled Vet, Joe has seen how it has helped him with exercising and pain relief. Macy, a first grader at Calvary Day School, has improved her confidence since beginning taekwondo. The father daughter blue belt duo love poomses, as well as Master Cadiente!

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TRU Profile 45 - Rachel Johnson

TRU Profile 45 // Rachel Johnson. Rachel is a 10 year old at Union Cross. She enjoys 4th grade, especially reading. Rachel started taekwondo after they came to her school when she was in 2nd grade and she now is a red stripe who loves self defense. She loves taekwondo because “all the instructors are great” but she especially loves Master Terranova because “he is funny”.

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TRU Profile 43

TRU Profile 43 // Chris Whitaker. Chris is 24 years old and a red belt at TRU. As a teacher assistant at the elementary school level, he often saw Master Terranova and Master Cadiente coming into schools and serving the students and staff. It’s because of this that he began to give TRU a try! He loves working with the super kids at TRU. As an adult training in taekwondo, he has noticed how it’s “helped me push myself, have goals, as well as self discipline”. Other than that, the best thing about taekwondo in Chris’s opinion is “meeting the most wonderful woman in the world, Ms. Katie”.

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TRU Profile 38

TRU Profile 38 // Emily Walser. Emily started taekwondo about 5 years ago with her son. She is a second degree black belt. As an adult who trains, she has noticed how it has helped with her concentration, and become a more confident and calmer person in general. Her favorite part of training is poomse, specifically koryo. And her favorite part of helping with class is watching the students grow, “you are able to see them get better and evolve. And the hugs are the best!” Master Arguello has made a big impact on Emily’s taekwondo journey, and helping her continue when it seemed too hard. Taekwondo has helped Emily “believe in myself, believe in others, and encourage others along the way.”

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TRU Profile 31

TRU Profile 31// Ricardo. Ricardo is a third degree black belt & attends Jefferson Middle School. He started taekwondo as a way to have fun and loves kicking paddles, especially the tornado kick. He loves Master Terranova because “he is the funnest”. When Ricardo is not training in taekwondo, you can find him playing baseball!

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