Saturday's at TRU!

What are YOU doing this Saturday morning? We love getting a work out in before noon on Saturdays!

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TRU PROFILE 57 - Jarod Smith

Jarod Smith // Jarod is a super kid at TRU Taekwondo who loves “getting new belts and Master Cadiente”. His parents signed him after looking for an activity he would he enjoy and he now loves it. His favorite color(s) is “red, blue, green, orange, and oh yea purple!” Jarod’s favorite animal is a cheetah because “they are fast enough to chase gazelles!!!”

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TRU Profile 56 - Elizabeth

TRU Profile 56 // Elizabeth Barnes. Elizabeth is a blue stripe who loves training with her dad. She is in 3rd grade at Southwest Elementary where her favorite part of the day is “going to recess and doing our brain breaks...also reading!” She loves that Master Terranova is “nice and teaches me”, she also loves Master Douglas and is impressed with his ability to remember all the poomoses...”I mean he knows them all. I don’t know how can remember ALL the poomses!!”.

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TRU Profile 55 - Dominic DiNero

TRU Profile 55 // Dominic DiNero. Dominic is a 5 year old in super kids and soon to be 6. “My Birthday is on August the twenty two, it’s really just right around the corner!!”. His mom has noticed how Dominic has gained more confidence since beginning TRU. His favorite part of taekwondo is graduation, and his favorite part of graduation is “cutting the board!”. He loves king cobras because they are venomous and the longest snakes around, loves Master Cadiente, and loves the color blue.

Summer Camp Pictures (Summer 2019)

Here are a few summer camp photos from TRU Summer Camp 2019!

TRU Profile 54 - Melinda Leary

TRU Profile 54 // Melinda Leary. Melinda started TRU after her son was involved with it two years ago. Now, her whole family trains together and loves it. Melinda loves poomses in taekwondo and the fitness aspect that it adds to her daily life and routine. She has noticed her kids confidence and discipline improve as they have taken taekwondo. Melinda enjoys helping teach at TRU, especially the super kids because “they are so eager to learn”. Melinda has created friendships in the TRU community and knows that Mrs. Gina and Mrs. Val have been pivotal in helping her learn technique on the mat.

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Black Belt Test!

Congrats to all those who tested for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree black belts, we are very proud of you!

TRU Profile 53 - James Barnes

TRU Profile 53 // James Barnes. James began taekwondo in 2018 during the dads train free event. He has been training with his daughter Elizabeth since then. James and Elizabeth have gotten closer and it’s a way they enjoy spending time together. James enjoys the physical activity and lifestyle change taekwondo has brought into his life. He has lost over 140 pounds while training and learned how to better control his temper and “walk away from things easier now”. James plans to continue to train to at least a first degree black belt. He loves the support at TRU...”thanks to everyone here”.