St Patty's Day Bring a Friend

A few pictures from our St. Patty’s Bring a Friend Day! We had so much fun with the costumes, green juice, cookies, and breaking boards!

TRU Profile 43

TRU Profile 43 // Chris Whitaker. Chris is 24 years old and a red belt at TRU. As a teacher assistant at the elementary school level, he often saw Master Terranova and Master Cadiente coming into schools and serving the students and staff. It’s because of this that he began to give TRU a try! He loves working with the super kids at TRU. As an adult training in taekwondo, he has noticed how it’s “helped me push myself, have goals, as well as self discipline”. Other than that, the best thing about taekwondo in Chris’s opinion is “meeting the most wonderful woman in the world, Ms. Katie”.

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TRU Profile 41

TRU Profile 41 // David. David is a 7 year old blue stripe who is in the first grade at Forsyth Country Day School. While at school, he loves  learning math, “but only if it’s easy”. David’s favorite part about Taekwondo is graduating. He says this is the best part “because I get to get my new belt”. He loves Taekwondo and especially Master Terranova because in his opinion “Master Terranova is just great with kids”.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. JON!! We love Mr. Jon and all he does for TRU! Thanks for your leadership!

Parent Date Night

Have you gotten your FREE admission ticket to this Friday’s Parent Date Night?!

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TRU Profile 40

TRU Profile 40 // Zoe Anderson. Zoe, an 11th grader who is homeschooled, started taekwondo when she was 14. She began like many others: “my mom made me do improve my attitude and learn self defense.” Zoe was reluctant to beginning taekwondo but soon learned how it changed her attitude, helped her be more respectful, and well behaved. In addition, Zoe knows it has changed her confidence. “I use to walk with my head down but now I look at people in the eye and I’m not afraid of others.” Zoe enjoys poomses and also enjoys the breaking classes. Zoe helps teach taekwondo and loves the super kids.

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Black Belt Life Skill: Patience

Black Belt Life Skill of the Week: Patience. // How are you (kids, teens, AND adults) showing patience this week? // ps: we love u miss zoe!

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TRU Profile 38

TRU Profile 38 // Emily Walser. Emily started taekwondo about 5 years ago with her son. She is a second degree black belt. As an adult who trains, she has noticed how it has helped with her concentration, and become a more confident and calmer person in general. Her favorite part of training is poomse, specifically koryo. And her favorite part of helping with class is watching the students grow, “you are able to see them get better and evolve. And the hugs are the best!” Master Arguello has made a big impact on Emily’s taekwondo journey, and helping her continue when it seemed too hard. Taekwondo has helped Emily “believe in myself, believe in others, and encourage others along the way.”

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TRU Profile 37

TRU Profile 37 // Jonathan Wallace. Mr. Jon, a third degree black belt, has been training since 2012. He first starting training because his son, Nathaniel, was training. He has loved being able to train with both his son and daughter. His favorite part about training is working on poomses. And his favorite part about teaching is “seeing the lightbulb come on when students catch the instruction your giving them.” Training as an adult has helped Mr. Jon “learn to focus on a particular task and to continue working no matter how hard it gets.” All of the instructors have made an impact on his life but Master Terranova has always been someone Mr. Jon has looked up to specifically because of Master Terranova’s energy on and off the the floor and focus to technique.

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